It's kinda weird how to begin this so I'll be formal cuz thats how i always did it ok DEARRRRRR MICHAEL WOOOOOO, This is the only point in ur life that im going to be as genuine as possible, like ill be honest bru when i went to college today i was like how am i going to literally write this lol like i cant give u a card or anything until its basically then next time u come over which is obviously after ur bday so im like ermmmm ok BUT LIKKE i was also rehearsing to myself what i can appreciate about you while almost coming into contact with another car during a red light because i am a very good driver guys so here is what i basically counted down right

look at this picture first LO thi s is what u wanted didnt u. its so simple and ugly stop saying u dont want anything for ur birthday because im sick of u. anywyays the appreciation doesnt start yet i changed my mind i want to still give u that mental breakdown for ur birthday that i forgot u asked for last year OBVIOUSLY so ur a fucking idiot so clueless and indecisive sometimes and an absolutoei pain in the ass i hatte your guts and i will shred your flesh from you muscular system and slurp the nervous system in its entireyryt like spaghetti slupsprrrrppp i hope i dot get added to the watch list is this site public idk but yayyyy 😍

SECOND DTAWING (be careful its quite big if ur on pc) this is basically me um trying to draw you something quite last minute before the big day today and its almost over too LOL but anyways ya i was like 2/3 asleep during that so I didnt really pay much mind of what i wanted the topic to really be with him? I just relied on making something anyways and honestly hes still so fun to draw i kinda drew him more aside from this but they r little weeny doodles and because hes my favorite and compelling oc of yiers ever so ya also if ur wondering who he's ripping apart idk can be ur interpretation i just wanted to draw blood it could be u irl cuz its ur bday and he hates you or just his younger self u guys have the same hair anyways idgaf

Ok anyways switchinng up again my little savioor complex coming inside me

Again i would have made u a card with millions of stickers and cute pictures but i can only muster up a website because i think just a singular genuine message of imessage is kinda empty u feel ykyk so i made a website that acts like a virtual card for u since mailing u a card would probably take forever . anyways. So like i ALSO said i did rehearse what i wanted to say beforehand, so this is coming from the heart at some points but u dont know which ones so take that what u will. I kinda started off by saying that even if we really did meet for 2 years, i think you were honestly the most fun person to be around, usually i pick and choose people and what 'title' they are worthy to me, like for example people can consider me their friend while i still label them as a 'close acquaintance' because idk i havent felt their vibe enough or they just arent for me at some points. I think i could pretty much call u a friend or even a close friend just because we share so much fucked up tmi stuff its kinda insane, so i consider that to be pretty comfortable in each other's presence to a degree you feel

I value our friendship or mutualship idc whatever u call it because I dunno how YOU feel, but TO ME i feel SOOO awesome when im talking to u like ur personality is extremely bright and hilarious, but at other times you can be so rational and very sensible in serious or genuine situations. You're reqally great at what you do when it comes to art btw to the point anything u share still fucks me up on how fast you can come up with so much ideas that slip by my mind like banana peel slipping on man video, not to mention you do so much for others and u pass off as an also extremely caring person, so its great to know i can be in good hands and not doubt the trust i do put in to u, because honesly, i put in a lot because of how u pass of as a very strong person with gentle hands to carry other peoples fragile packages LIke it sounds so cheesy omf but u get the prompt here ok

Oh yeah and u also have very good fashion sense, you can practically fit in to any category you want to and make anything work nonetheless. I rarely seen most of the fits u do except the ones u do willingly show me but trust me u look so cool and swag in every single one of them like u really know how to mix and match and put things together in a unique way. I also appreciate your company when we vc sometimes or play games or those times where we just drew or chilled in aggies like in short i feel like i can be more of myself around you, you have that charisma to you that you willingly make people open up by opening yourself up first, and it did give me the leeway to know more about you and vice versa. Like 2 years isnt a lot AND we havent even talked to each other often that beginning year until like this year???? LOL?? either way i still feel like i got to know you way better than how we initially met, oh yeah and im being serious when i said i used to be scared of you but we r going to brush past that 😦 you were just very good at what u do and u being the little people person u r little entp

okok one more paragraph imma be honest with u i dont want to keep u reading for SO LONG because u probably arent a great reader LMAO! but trust i do have a lot more to say because like i can pick so many traits from u that make u stand out from the other people i met because i am literally that comfortable when u talk to me or text me like 😦 . OH YEAH AND MENTIONING THAT omg dude i get so much ideas from u also u dont even know cuz when we actually have a conversation no matter the topic especially situations and scenarios that happen with ocs?? like dude those times are literally the most fun i ever had texting somebody like i LOVEEE when my brain is so stimulated and i get to draw it out later because ur the go-to for it. oh yeah and u send funny pictures i get to send to deerly too so thank god

actually i think this letter might be all over the place and deviating from what i initially wanted or rehearsed LOL i kinda got wayyy off topic so this might be a hard read but too bad u still read up to this point but u get what i mean cuz like i really can express genuine feelings of gratitude because all of those feelings at once is fumbling in my mind and its hard to just put it all down when all i can do is put my hand in it like a hat full of raffle tickets, say it out loud, and go with it like bingo game b17 Okay one more message because i just reminded myself of this one but like i think u literally changed me for the better, like to the point where i can confidently say im glad i met you and we started to pick up on conversations. like u understand when i dont feel like texting becuz i do like being alone and my social battery is god awfully low as i grow older, u respect others and me, and know when to joke and know when to care, offer new ideas that i wouldnt even thought of that changed my mind in a good way or bad whatever u fucking please and i think u pretty much influenced and like shaped me in ways i never realized about myself

This is such a once in a lifetime thing to say LOL and i reckon this is never going to happen again and i will deny this website is real after today but i dont want to repeat myself again and again how ur such an affable, talented, trustworthy, fashionable, undertsanding, lenient, and charming person (no i did not use word hippo) and how much i savor the funniest moments we got cuz thinking of them still makes me laugh like the tohing. quote i cant BUT ANYWAYS yeah happy bday ur literally drinking age how does it feel